(Ethereum projects are only listed here.)

Product philosophies vision
FOAM thesis
Digital Objects introduction

Dapp registries

State of the Dapps
Dapp Radar
Crypto Gamers

Art platforms

Known Origin
Digital Objects
Rare Art
Digital Art Chain

Social & content

Cent: Incentivized content platform.
Peepeth: Decentralized twitter.
Pheme: Decentralized blog.
Viewly: Tokenized video platform.

NFT Marketplaces

OpenSea: Marketplace.
Rarebits: Marketplace.
Wax: Virtual item marketplace.
Pixura: Create your own NFT store.


Argent: Contract wallet.
Gnosis Safe: 2FA Contract wallet.
Pillar Project: Mobile wallet.
Trust wallet: Mobile wallet.
ImToken: Mobile wallet.
Cipher: Mobile wallet.
MetaMask: In-browser extension
Burner Wallet: Convenient low security wallet. Wallet and chat app.


OpenBazaar: Sell anything using crypto.
Fundabit: Patreon for Ethereum.
Kickback: Sell event tickets where users stake.

Decentralized Finance

Compound: Borrow & lend tokens.
InstaDapp: Decentralized bank.
Nuo: Borrow & lend. Debt market place.
CDP Maker: Create DAI stable coins from ETH.
Uniswap: Decentralized exchange.
Dharma: Lend & borrow.

Prediction markets

Veil: Prediction markets.
Augur: First prediction market to launch.
Helena: Prediction markets.